XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW: Xfinity mobile review 2020Over my initial a year with them, I just paid $180.11 for PDA administration, including assessments and charges. 

My phone bill got significantly less expensive after I did the change to Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile, an ease remote supplier that utilizes Verizon’s LTE system and now 5G. 

A couple of months after Xfinity Mobile unobtrusively propelled in 2017, I pursued the reasonable remote arrangement and normally went through $15 every month. 

XFINITY MOBILE 2020 REVIEW: CHEAP CELL PHONE PLANS ON VERIZON’S NETWORK Over my initial a year with them, I just paid $180.11 for PDA administration, including assessments and charges. 

In this post, I’ll survey all that you have to think about Xfinity Mobile in case you’re pondering doing the switch. 

I’ll begin by noting probably the most habitually posed inquiries that I’ve gotten since I previously distributed my Xfinity Mobile audit and a related YouTube video. 


What is Xfinity Mobile?: A minimal effort phone administration accessible to Comcast web clients. 

What system does Xfinity Mobile use?: Verizon’s 5G and 4G LTE organize, in addition to access to a great many Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. 5G inclusion is accessible in select urban areas. 

What amount does Xfinity Mobile cost?: Shared information plans start at $15/month and $45/month for boundless. 

Does Xfinity Mobile permit Android telephones?: BYOD has extended to incorporate Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel gadgets. How great is Xfinity Mobile?: No significant grumblings as an Xfinity Mobile client — read on for the advantages and disadvantages!

My audit is not the same as a portion of the other Xfinity Mobile surveys you may discover online in light of the fact that I’m not only an essayist — I bought into the administration for a long time.

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Peruse on to realize what you should think about Xfinity Mobile before you join

Xfinity Mobile: How it works

Xfinity Mobile is an accessible solely to Comcast supporters. The remote assistance depends on Verizon’s system (the unmistakable champ in our Fastest Wireless Networks testing), alongside access to Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots across the country. 

In the event that you buy in, you can pick between a boundless information plan and paying just for the information you use. Boundless across the country talk and content are incorporated paying little heed to your informed decision. Xfinity Mobile clients pay no entrance expenses for up to five lines. (A few transporters charge endorsers as much as $20 per line in getting to expenses on their ordinary month to month information plan rate, however for boundless plans, those entrance charges are regularly prepared into the month to month rate.

Comcast TV supporters will have the option to utilize the Xfinity Stream TV App on their cell phone to stream live TV, on-request substance and shows put away on a cloud-DVR, regardless of where they are; it will represent a mark against your information allocation, however on the off chance that you don’t have a boundless arrangement with the bearer. (More on that in a second.

Generally, Xfinity Mobile works simply like some other remote bearer. The two most eminent contrasts are you should keep up a Comcast membership and your association will naturally move over to a Comcast Wi-Fi hotspot when one is in the run. (There’s an entirely decent possibility one will be — Comcast revealed to us some time prior that it has 19 million hotspots around the nation.) Using Wi-Fi rather than a phone tower ought to ordinarily speak to a lift in speed, and in the event that you aren’t on the boundless information plan, it will help spare you information charges. (A few other ease bearers, for example, Republic Wireless and TextNow, utilize this Wi-Fi/cell approach). 

List of chapters 

Qualification Requirement 

Plans and Pricing 

Adaptable Data Plans 

Xfinity Mobile versus Verizon Data Speeds 

Versatile Hotspot 

Video Streaming 

Call and Text Performance 

Telephone Selection and Deals 

Client care 

1. Qualification REQUIREMENT 

Xfinity Mobile is not normal for other portable virtual system administrators (MVNOs) on the grounds that you should be an Xfinity web client to pursue the administration. 

In the event that you’ve had a ton of issues with Comcast link or web previously, I can comprehend why you might not have any desire to think about this administration. I was happy to face the challenge.


No Comcast in your general vicinity? Lamentably, you’re not qualified for the portable offer. Consider assistance like Visible.

In the event that you pursue Xfinity Mobile and later drop the Xfinity web since you move or for some other explanation, you can keep on utilizing Xfinity Mobile. Nonetheless, there will be a $20/month per line charge put on your tab. Learn progressively here. 

All things considered, that expense isn’t charged in the event that you keep up Xfinity web access. It’s possibly surveyed on the off chance that you later end that administration and need to keep Xfinity Mobile. 


Verizon’s postpaid boundless information plans cost somewhere in the range of $70 and $90 for a solitary line of administration. Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s towers and charges about a large portion of the cost, yet you won’t get exceptional advantages like the time of free Disney+ that Verizon is advertising. 

Xfinity Mobile highlights boundless across the nation talk and content, no enactment or line get to expenses on up to five lines and access to in excess of 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Here are the new 5G information arrangement choices for Xfinity Mobile, which became effective in May 2020 

Boundless: $45/month per line and no month to month information use limits (diminished speeds after 20GB) 

By the Gig: 1GB =$15/mo, 3GB = $30/month and 10GB = $60/month; pay $15 per GB in the event that you surpass your picked sum; no rollover information 

The $45/month Unlimited arrangement is per line, yet the By the Gig plan is accessible for single lines or the information can be shared over the entirety of the lines for you. Charges and expenses are extra with all plans. 

Lamentably, Xfinity Mobile has disposed of the 100MB of free information that is offered every month for new clients. The change became effective in August 2019. 


This is what I truly like about Xfinity Mobile’s help: Many other wireless plans will offer 2GB or 5GB of information at a set cost for every month, use it, or lose it. In any case, Xfinity Mobile gives you the alternative to pay for your information each gigabyte in turn.

For instance, you can pick the 1GB arrangement and pay $15 every month. In the event that you need a second GB of information, simply pay another $15. 

Yet, on the off chance that you need more information and the $30 for 3GB or $60 for 10GB arrangement improves as a worth, simply switch. You can make changes to your arrangement during the center of your charging cycle.

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Obviously, numerous individuals would prefer not to stress over checking their information utilization consistently. They may lean toward the $45 per month boundless arrangement. 

My recommendation: Start with the By the Gig plan and perceive how it goes. You can generally change to the Unlimited arrangement in the event that you wind up utilizing a lot of information. There are no punishments to switch to and fro between plans. 


Xfinity Mobile included 5G inclusion in May 2020, with the goal that’s an or more if it’s accessible where you live. 5G just works in select urban areas for now. 

One reason why I left Sprint for Xfinity Mobile was for Verizon’s system, which RootMetrics reliably positions as the best in the country, trailed by AT&T. 

I’ve perused anecdotes about how Verizon may hinder information utilization for its MVNOs, yet that wasn’t my experience. 

I downloaded the Speedtest by Ookla application and tried my Xfinity Mobile download speeds multiple times. Each time the download speed was between 40 Mbps and 70 Mbps — truly quick! 

Indeed, that is a lot higher than the rates that Comcast says Xfinity Mobile clients ought to anticipate: 

4G LTE organize: regular download velocities of 5-12 Mbps and transfer paces of 2-5 Mbps 

As indicated by Verizon’s site, its 4G LTE remote broadband can deal with download speeds somewhere in the range of 5 and 12 Mbps (Megabits every second) and transfer speeds somewhere in the range of 2 and 5 Mbps, with top download speeds moving toward 50 Mbps. 

5. Portable HOTSPOT 

A portable hotspot is incorporated with Xfinity Mobile at no extra charge. This permits you to get online by utilizing your versatile information to make a web association. 

For instance, I tried this element when I expected to utilize my PC while going in a spot without Wi-Fi. 

Xfinity Mobile’s site says you should be on the By the Gig intend to get 4G LTE for hotspot-controlled gadgets. Paces are restricted to 600 Kbps for those on the Unlimited arrangement.

Obviously, numerous individuals would prefer not to stress over checking their information utilization consistently. They may lean toward the $45 per month boundless arrangement. 

My recommendation: Start with the By the Gig plan and perceive how it goes. You can generally change to the Unlimited arrangement in the event that you wind up utilizing a lot of information. There are no punishments to switch to and fro between plans. 

I briefly changed to the Unlimited arrangement to mess with the portable hotspot include and give a superior audit of my Xfinity Mobile help. 

Notwithstanding what Xfinity Mobile cautions on its site, I had the option to stream video without buffering and viewed a whole show on my PC that was controlled by the versatile hotspot. 

In spite of the fact that there are no extra charges for the versatile hotspot highlight, the information that you use will tally toward your information charges for the month in case you’re on the By the Gig plan. 


A portion of Verizon’s postpaid boundless plans take into account HD-quality spilling, however, that is not an assurance with Xfinity Mobile. 

As of August 2019, By the Gig defaults to HD goals (720p for telephones, 1080p for tablets) and Unlimited defaults to standard goals (480p).

By the Gig, clients can turn on Data Saver to watch recordings in standard definition, which requires less information. That is the thing that I would propose. 

In the interim, Unlimited arrangement clients can add HD Pass to get 720p on telephones and 1080p on tablets for $20 every month. 

I spilled a lot of video on my cell phone while with Xfinity Mobile — things like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube — and I never had any issues with the video quality.


I had an extraordinary involvement in Verizon’s system previously, so I wasn’t generally stressed over Xfinity Mobile’s call and content execution where I live. 

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Since Xfinity Mobile sudden spikes in demand for Verizon’s system, the inclusion map looks a ton like the one for Verizon’s postpaid assistance. The thing that matters is that Xfinity Mobile likewise has a great many Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Investigate the inclusion maps beneath: 

An incredible component is that Xfinity Mobile backings Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which lets me talk and use information simultaneously. Wi-Fi calling has likewise been extended to everything except a couple of gadgets. 

8. Telephone SELECTION 

The most recent iPhones and Samsung gadgets make up the vast majority of the 20 or so telephones that Xfinity Mobile sells on the web and in its stores, however, there are two or three alternatives for under $200. 

XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW: Xfinity mobile review 2020
XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW: Xfinity mobile review 2020

Xfinity Mobile currently permits you to carry select Androids to its system. They incorporate the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel gadgets. Opened iPhones are additionally good. 

Samsung similarity is critical in light of the fact that this is something Xfinity Mobile had been promising for quite a while. Presently, it’s at long last here! 

July 2019: Samsung Galaxy perfect with Xfinity Mobile 

Notwithstanding BYOD, you can buy telephones, tablets, and smartwatches from Xfinity Mobile. Here’s an incomplete rundown of telephones ready to move as of May 2020, including some 5G-skilled gadgets: 

Apple iPhone SE 

Apple iPhone 11 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 

Samsung Galaxy S20+5G 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 

Google Pixel 4 

LG Stylo 5 

Moto G7 Power 

At the point when I pursued Xfinity Mobile in September 2017, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 on the web and it showed up two days after the fact. Xfinity Mobile was offering $200 off new telephones at that point.

If you don’t want to pay in full as I did, qualified customers can spread device payments over 24 months at 0% APR.

Speaking of phone deals, there’s typically some type of phone sale going on for high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the Apple iPhone 11.

However, I’ve noticed that only one brand or the other (Samsung or Apple) is usually on sale at once. For example, there was $200 off the purchase of an iPhone the last time I checked, but no Samsung discounts were available.

If there’s not a deal for the type of phone that you want, just wait a few weeks. The sales change frequently.

9. Client assistance 

I set up my Xfinity Mobile help while never visiting a store and didn’t have any issues beginning. 

There are various FAQ pages that you can discover inside the application to respond to inquiries concerning setting up administration, exchanging information plans, charging and the sky is the limit from there. 

You can likewise contact client support by means of content, Facebook Messenger, and telephone — with an expected hold up time given. Xfinity Mobile’s client assistance number is (888) 936-4968. 

The first occasion when I expected to contact Xfinity Mobile client support was the point at which my Samsung Galaxy S8 out of nowhere broke down. I went to an Xfinity Store and couldn’t get a quick substitution, yet I was sent another telephone the following day. 

Since my telephone was not exactly a year old and still under guarantee, no extra cash came out of my pocket. 

The second time I called Xfinity Mobile was to ask whether my Samsung Galaxy S8 was bolted or opened. Clearly, it was bolted. Xfinity Mobile opened the gadget without an issue since it was paid off. 

Xfinity Mobile: How much it costs 

Costs fluctuate from $12 per month up to $60 per month, contingent upon the alternatives you pick. Know that these costs do exclude duties and charges, which will differ from state to state. 

The absolute minimum $12 plan gets you 1GB of information alongside boundless talk and content. On the off chance that you go past 1GB, you are charged an extra $12 per GB. Comcast gathers together, so 2.1GB or 2.9GB of information use would both be treated as 3GB, and cost you $36. 

A year ago, Xfinity changed By the Gig for new clients that share a similar container of information over different lines. Under the new framework, you pick the measure of information you need to utilize forthright, with diminished expenses for the more information you use. For instance, though 1GB ordinarily costs $12, 3GB expenses $30 and 10GB is simply $60. 

By the Gig, plans incorporate video gushing at HD goals and LTE hotspot speeds. A Data Saver include brings video goals down to 480p and hinders hotspot velocities to 600 kbps, all for the sake of keeping you from going over your information limit and piling on a higher month to month bill than you depended on. 

Xfinity Mobile’s boundless arrangement costs $45 per month. There are no limits for including extra lines, as certain transporters offer for families. Like different bearers, Xfinity will slow your paces on the off chance that you go over a set measure of information — 20GB during a month for this situation. XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW=That is lower than the significant bearers’ limit. Verizon’s Play More and Do More Plans will possibly slow information speeds in the event that you utilize more than 25GB or 50GB every month, individually, however, those plans additionally cost $35 more than what Xfinity Mobile charges. 

Boundless plans confine video goals to 480p when gushing over cells. Hotspot speeds are correspondingly topped at 600 kbps. On the off chance that you need HD video consistently, you can pay an extra $20 every month. 

Supporters have the choice of moving between the “By the Gig” plan and boundless arrangement whenever without punishment, so in the event that you simply have the periodic overwhelming information use month, you could do the switch when vital. 

Piled facing the Big Four transporters, Xfinity Mobile offers appealingly estimated plans. The best boundless information plans from those transporters — Sprint’s Unlimited Basic and T-Mobile’s stripped-down Essentials — start at $60 per month. That is $15 more than what Xfinity Mobile will charge you. Some adversary MVNOs charge less for boundless information — at Visible, which additionally utilizes Verizon’s system, you’ll just compensation $40 per month for boundless information with duties and expenses included. 

Xfinity Mobile’s evaluating advantage vanishes as you include more lines, as the best family phone plans rebate per-line valuing as you include more lines. A group of four would pay $120 every month for boundless information through the T-Mobile Essentials plan, while that equivalent family would be on the snare for $180 at Xfinity Mobile. (Xfinity would counter that you can blend and match various lines, with the goal that a few individuals from your family can get boundless information while lower-information clients can pay by the gigabyte. That approach can bring down your month to month bill.) 

Xfinity Mobile’s per-gigabyte valuing is more liberal than a portion of its individual MVNOs, yet it’s not the least value you can discover. At Tello, for instance, you’ll presently pay $19 per month for 4GB of LTE information, $11 not as much as what Xfinity currently charges for 3GB of information. Google Fi charges $10 for every gigabyte of LTE information on $20 for talk and content, yet as opposed to gathering together once you pass a specific gigabyte mark, you’re charged $1 for each 100MB. (Utilizing 2.1GB for instance would cost $21, for instance.) Neither of those administrations expects you to get your link or web from Comcast. 

Xfinity Mobile: No agreement required 

You can drop your Xfinity Mobile arrangement inside 30 days of your next charging cycle date and you are just answerable for charges for the present month for you and any residual gadget installments you may have. In the initial 30 days, you can drop and return your gadget for a full discount, less a $35 restocking expense. Past 30 days, you would be liable for the restocking expense and any exceptional charges on the gadget. 

Is Xfinity Mobile Worth It? 

It relies upon your circumstance, however for certain clients, Comcast’s portable assistance appears to be a strong worth, particularly for single clients who need boundless information, particularly since Xfinity tosses in 5G inclusion on its standard help.[XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW ]Families would profit by the multi-line limits different bearers offer, however in the event that a few individuals from your family utilize less information, you can go to Xfinity Mobile’s by-the-gigabyte estimating. (Verizon and Sprint offer comparable adaptability by allowing you to blend and-match various levels of its boundless arrangement.) 

Clients that can make do with only 1 or 2 GB of information for every month would likewise likely excel on Xfinity Mobile. Be that as it may, as noted over, the more information you use at Xfinity Mobile, the less appealing the administration becomes when contrasted with the best-prepaid telephone plans. 

Xfinity Mobile is additionally engaging since you can carry your own telephone to the administration, however, Android clients should have quite certain Samsung or Google telephones to exploit that include. XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW

You can utilize Xfinity Mobile when heading out to different nations, however, you’ll be charged for talk, content, and information. (Rates shift by the nation.) as it were, there are better worldwide information plans. 

Xfinity Mobile: Canceling your administration 

Disregard dropping on the web. You have to call 888-936-4968 to drop your Xfinity Mobile help. There are no punishments for dropping your administration, yet you should drop at any rate 30 days before the beginning of a charging cycle to stay away from charges for the following month, and you are answerable for any remarkable installments on your gadgets. 


I set aside a great deal of cash during my two years with Xfinity Mobile! Albeit Visible and Total Wireless offer PDAs administration designs that sudden spike in demand for Verizon’s system, Xfinity Mobile might be more affordable for light information clients. 

With a less expensive PDA plan, you may hope to make bargains — not with Xfinity Mobile.

My greatest dread about changing to Xfinity Mobile was that Comcast would exploit my dependability and figure out how to expand my web bill — however that didn’t occur. 

At the point when my web promotion rate terminated, I called Comcast’s client maintenance division and they worked with me on the cost. I wound up getting an augmentation of my $52 every month web bundle for one more year. 

I’ve put forth a valiant effort to furnish you with a point by point survey of my involvement in Xfinity Mobile and what you can anticipate. In case you’re additionally a client, include your survey in the remarks underneath! 


XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW=You don’t need to pay for phone protection from Xfinity Mobile or some other supplier. Rather, set aside to $15/month by utilizing a Visa that offers cell phone security as a free advantage. I’ve looked into the best charge cards with free phone insurance.

XFINITY MOBILE REVIEW: Xfinity mobile review 2020 please shear this post and comment.


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